R&D Center
R&D Center

Introduction to the center

In November 2010, University of Macau (UM) successfully passed the rigorous evaluation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and obtained the approval for establishing the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI (AMSV). This was the first state key laboratory in integrated circuits in Guangdong province and Macao. In response to the Development Plan Outlines for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Microelectronics Research Center at Zhuhai UM Science & Technology Research Institute was established in 2019, aiming at demonstrating a successful example of research technology commercialization in Zhuhai Henqing, connecting Macau with the other cities in the Greater Bay Area.

The Microelectronics Research Center is mainly based on the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI of the University of Macau. In addition, the Hengqin Branch of the State Key Laboratory has been established in our institute to undertake the cutting-edge technology research and technology commercialization. As one of the key disciplines of the University of Macau, achieved world class leading academic research innovations. In the past 10 years, our team has presented more than 40 silicon-proven chips on the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), which is the foremost global forum of the advances in integrated circuits (ICs). In terms of frontier research on analog and mixed-signal ICs, we are at the same level as world-renowned universities and world-leading design companies, such as Intel, Samsung, MediaTek. The objectives of the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI are:

1.Establish an excellent R&D platform in the area of advanced analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems that should meet the State and international standards. 

2.Building up a highly-qualified local technical and human infrastructure in advanced nanometer IC R&D

3.Academic courses in analog and mixed-signal VLSI

4.Cooperation programs among institutes and industries

5.Application and commercialization of R&D results/patents

AMSV is providing technical and administrative support for advanced nanometer IC fabrication for R&D projects of the University and institutes or companies in cooperation, under AMSV’s research lines. The research lines are responsible to launch cutting-edge research projects which are important in the development and advances of various electronics systems including:

1.Data conversion and signal processing

2.Wireless communication

3.Biomedical engineering

4.Power electronics ICs

Currently, there are about ten professors from the University of Macau participated the industry-university-research cooperation in the Microelectronics Research Center. The Center has established a stable cooperative relationship with many domestic enterprises and institutions. By the end of 2020, the center has undertaken more than ten scientific research and commercial projects, including key projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, with a total project funding of 10 million CNY.

Expert team

Adhering to the great prospect of developing the first-class electronic technology for the country, the State Key Laboratory of integrated circuits has built a world-class chip measurement platform and a standardized biomedical research laboratory to support the development and testing of new technologies. In response to the development planning outline of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, a Microelectronics R & D center was set up in our institute in 2019, aiming to give full play to the leading role of National Key Laboratory in Australia, actively promote the transfer and transformation of laboratory technical achievements with the window of Zhuhai Macao cooperation, and strive to enhance the contribution rate of academic research in Colleges and universities to the national economy.

Research achievements

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